Project Management

We provide a high quality, efficient, end-to-end project management service to deliver successful outcomes for building reinstatement projects. We take on the primary role to develop project management briefs from selection and appointment to coordination of the project and settlement.

If the project is insurance related, our connection within the industry provides a seamless link to the claim handling process working with either loss adjusting or insurance companies.

We understand that one solution will not necessarily suit every situation. Flexibility is the key to achieving critical strategies for each event, either as a repair, reinstatement, new build or an agreed settlement.

Our services include:

  • Management of emergency works

  • Managing technical consultants including fire and structural engineers and design

  • Contract management, including:

    • Quality assurance

    • Cost management

    • Tender management and evaluation

    • Variation management

    • Project funding, monitoring of the project budget and payment scheduling

    • Management of practical completion including attending pre- practical completion meetings as part of quality control task prior to signing the Practical Completion certificate.